Hildy, chilling on her third birthday.

A few tools from the engineering side of making chairs.

Fake inlay Penrose tiles on one of my first bits of woodworking, many years ago. Two rhombi that together can tile a plane, but in a non regular manner that never exactly repeats itself.

It’s pretty much always solitude in the workshop. There isn’t really room for two, and nobody else would put up with this mess anyhow.

Started the spring garden this week (I figured my scrawled charts and notes make a better pic than bare dirt). Greens, lettuce, radishes, beets. New herb plants. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but cooperating is not what weather does these days.

My comments on the news this week: I really would like to see someone eat a banana with chopsticks. I have a dollar says it can’t be done, but I’d gladly lose it for the entertainment value.

For the photoblogging challenge I would love to show you the lock I installed on my tool chest, but I didn’t install one. It’s secure enough in the locked garage, and our local thieves aren’t smart enough to recognize that anything in here is valuable anyway!

After today, whenever things seem really bleak, I will tell myself: At least I am not a nightsoilman.

There’s a story there, but you don’t want to hear it.

Alas! The budding daffodil,
The lenten rose, the crocus
Augur need for Benadryl
To curb the running mucus.

For each season’s timely run
Has each its plus, its minus:
So spring brings blossoms, light, and sun
But also cloggéd sinus.

The One True Groundhog, Octararo Orphie of Kirkwood, Pennsylvania, did not see his shadow, thus predicting an early spring. If you were disappointed to hear otherwise, fear not! The media creation out west got it wrong, as usual.