More carving, this time in the Pennsylvania Dutch language, so we’ll call this photoblog challenge day 9.

carved lettering: wander ich rum, besser mich rug, with decoration representing sun, stars, mountains, leaves

A special gift is set aside for you.
Explore a world of woodworking advice!
We have been trying to reach you. Your reward
Becomes a toxic wasteland. Don’t delay!

(Stuck in my car waiting out a storm, reading email. Can I help it if the subject lines are iambic pentameter?)

For photoblog challenge day 8 yonder had me stumped, but I needed to practice my letter carving, so…

chip carving of the word yonder with triangles to represent mountains

At this point in the year, most of the flowers are less interesting than the bumblebees they still attract. It’s rather like going to some tourist destination and spending all my time people-watching.

That the Wall Street Journal announced the new Rolling Stones studio album in its Business and Finance section surely says something about the world today… but I’m not sure what. I leave the analysis as an exercise to the reader.

Photoblog challenge day 7: the panorama from the summit at Hanging Rock State Park earlier this summer.

wide view of a green valley with low mountains beyond, low clouds in a blue sky

Photoblog challenge day 6. These arrived as a gift packaged with a kitchen tool I bought, but when I opened the package, the first two jellybeans I ate were bubble gum flavor… and so what might have been a pleasant surprise proved only another deep well of sadness.

a small packet of assorted flavor Jelly Belly brand jellybeans

Photoblog challenge day 5: forest reflected in Falls Lake.

line of trees on far shore of lake and reflected in water

Photoblog challenge day 4: variegated orange marigolds with bumblebee photobomb

I am going to take the fish in a barrel approach to today’s photoblog challenge and call this precious.