bee on a blanket flower

This bird is inspired by William Johnston’s drawing in Miss Ros(e?)lda Fowler’s book, 1807. Clearly he was sweet on her. Did she return his affections, I wonder?

chip carved bird in vined flowers, teal-blue frame carved with woven triangles

Another bird. More flowers. This bird is a little different, though; inspired by the one in this 1797 baptismal certificate.

chip-carved bird in a tree of flowers, teal-blue frame carved with woven triangles

Figured out how to stipple the sunflower: with a scribing awl and a slight twisting motion to avoid dents along the grain. So here is the butterfly and sunflower again, framed.

chip carving of a butterfly approaching a sunflower, square format, frame chip carved with triangles and painted green

Boots on wet pine straw
Loud enough. A heron flies,
Frightened into beauty.

You—yes, you!—are one step away from becoming super.

Unclog your liver
For lightweight, breathable comfort.
A long time before me…
Three days left.

Since it was forecast to be 93 this afternoon, I finished my 10 mile hike by a quarter past eleven. Took longer than I expected because it was prettier than expected, and I dawdled. This was my turn-around point.

view of a lake through weeds and wildflowers, blue sky

I have carved several versions of skinks and am still not 100% satisfied. Getting the lines to intersect cleanly is just hard, and I need more practice. But it makes for an interesting carving, and I’m fairly happy with this one.

chip carving of five-lined skink with flowers

Saw a sign that says Fight Hate. But if I’m a pacifist, shouldn’t I Hate Fight? It’s all so confusing.