Hummingbird moth at the lantana.

Current reading.

For several minutes this afternoon a hawk sat on the edge of my bird bath, scanning the yard. Alone of all the smaller animals a hummingbird went about its business, sampling the late flowers. There is a motivational speech in there somewhere but I’d need more coffee to make it.

New lazy susan.

Score one for traditionalist woodworkers.

Every morning when I come outside I take a minute to watch the bees on the bush sage. This morning it is cooler and they look a little lethargic. The same thing happens every year, but it’s still fascinating.

Last week it was 95 degrees. Today it is supposed to be… 77? Did I flee to Canada and forget I had moved?

If you had a sort of time traveling music bomb and could eradicate any one song from human history, so that not only would you never have to hear it again but could never have heard it in the first place, what song would it be?