The narrow road to nowhere: Experimenting with haibun to sketch a walk through the woods on the cusp of autumn. (If I explain that haibun has to do with poetry, will that encourage you or deter you?)

maple leaf, partially turned red and gold, on the forest floor

Agalinis purpurea, purple false foxglove or gerardia, depending on which guide I use. It is too pretty to call by a homophone for an intestinal parasite, but then again it is parasitic on certain types of grasses, so maybe it’s appropriate.

Evening primrose, in the morning

I have completely bailed on the photoblog challenge, but here is one for today anyway: Bayleaf Church Road north of Raleigh, which used to continue from here before the River was dammed. Now the asphalt disappears into the lake.

Okay, I have created a new about page and one of those all-my-links pages. If you want to know more about me (and who doesn’t?) but are too lazy to type my name into the Google, have at it.

Another go at this carving, finished with milk paint, linseed oil and wax.

wood carving of carrot with legend proceed to the rootwood carving of carrot with legend proceed to the root

(1) Hear sound outside. (2) Panic. (3) Run to door. (4) Forget why you are there.

my two dogs at the front door, one looking out, the other looking back at me

The time I walked 15 miles for a bologna sandwich

My, what big buttons you have, grandmother! (The better to poison you with, my dear.)

For photoblog challenge day 10/11 these little pines represent an early part of the forest cycle after logging, but I only saw them this morning. In retrospect, I should have just snapped a picture of my bicycle yesterday when I thought of it.