Attempting to make green walnut liqueur (aka nocino, aka liqueur de noix).

Cherry tomatoes II: The Lunching. Cook garlic and scallion in a bit of olive oil, add a can of chickpeas with liquid, pinch of salt, simmer a few minutes. Add halved cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, oregano, and mint, stir gently until the herbs wilt and the tomatoes are just warmed through. Dump over rice. Garnish with lemon zest, zatar, and good olive oil. Sort of an eastern Mediterranean take on Thai curry? Awfully good lunch, and since the rice was leftover and microwaved it all took ten minutes. (Not counting the investment of time in the garden, of course.)


This morning’s harvest.

O when the world’s at peace and every one is free, then will I make half-sour pickles, but I figure I ought to get some practice in before then, you know?

“Our ever expanding vocabulary gives us more and finer pens to draw our world, but our carelessness with language is muddying our palette.”

A whole family of beautiful little goldfinches at the feeder, freshly feathered out for summer, squabbling over perches as siblings will do.

Finished this new footstool in red grandis and ebonized white oak. Love the way the ebonizing brings out the grain on the legs.

Currently reading: Poppleton in Fall: An Acorn Book (Poppleton #4) by Cynthia Rylant 📚 After finishing my third thousand-page book in the last two months I thought I would read something a little lighter. Seriously, this is the best book ever. (Well, this and Bleak House.)

Homeschooling: A Valediction Take the work seriously, but do not take yourself too seriously.

The subject of biodiesel came up last week, and in explaining the concept to my daughter I remembered how much I’m drawn to it—as opposed to electric cars, which I instinctively distrust… Biodiesel people vs. electric car people