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Greetings to thee, Heavenly May of Eternal Wisdom, wherein there has grown the fruit of Eternal Blessedness. For eternal adornment I pray today for all the red roses a hearty love; for all the small violets, a humble inclination; for all the tender lilies, a pure embrace; and for all kinds of beautifully colored and lighted flowers, any heath or mead, forest or fertile plain, tree or meadow, which has been, may have been, or shall be brought forth…; for all cheerful songs of the birds, which ever have been sung on a May-twig, my soul bids thee uncreated praise; and for the ornament by which all temporal Mays are adorned, my soul lifts itself up to Thee today—Thou Blessed May—that Thou wouldst help me in this brief time to praise Thee similarly so that I—living fruit—may be nourished by Thee eternally.

—Meister Eckhardt’s pupil Heinrich Suso, reflecting allegorically on the springtime garden. Thou Blessed May as a name for God is simply wonderful.